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Sole-Aero Telecom's Key Benefits

  • Upgrading your phone system? Paying too much for fixed line and mobile calls? want more reliability, capability and flexibility - Contact us
  • Sole-Aero Telecoms VoIP phone system offers  flexibility, an integrated approach and competitive
  • Easy to set up, cost less and cost of use is significantly less then traditional PBXs
  • We will reduce the cost of your Office Phone System 
  • Free calls between geographically different offices
  • Reduce your phone bills by at least 50%
  • No long term contract – 30 days contract
  • Free setup , no maintenance or support charges
  • One Telephone number enabling anytime, anywhere working.
  • You will have  totally portable number so no more divert charges when you move premises
  • Very Flexible system, extensions can be added or deleted on and off-site when required.
  • Mobile App and Softphone
  • Use your existing number or get another local or 0800 number for your customers
  • We offer a full turn key solution including Broadband and Business Wi-fi
  • Local 24/7 Customer Support offices
  • Tel: +44 1268417788
  • Mobile: +44 7770855753
  • Email: sales@soleaero.com


Sole-Aero gave us  exactly the flexibility we need in our growth market and expect from a modern communication system. The system is great and I can’t fault it. As I spend a considerable time out of the office I particularly appreciate the mobile app feature, which I use a lot. The advanced reporting has helped us to become far more efficient and staff appreciate the levels of functionality and ease-of-use presented by the system

Shaf Girach, Swift Force Limited


We were so impressed with your service from start to finish, even on the day of change over.

I particularly like the degree of mobility that the Sole-Aero Telephone  system delivers. I can call the office from anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi connection and can make international calls at a much cheaper rate than previously. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to my family, friends and clients.

Veronica Laik, Ultrasound Blinds

  Being a Charity , the Sole-Aero telephone system was  the ideal solution for us. It grows according to our company's needs, thus helping us cut unnecessary expenses right from the start. Having made use of the system extensively I can vouch that the system is an excellent one! We were delighted with the system and with the way in which you and your team handled the entire process. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to any of my contacts who might need the services your company offers.” Akiqur Rahman, Human Aid UK