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Sole-Aero Business Telephone Systems

Sole-Aero Telecoms  provides cost-effective voice products that range from Cloud Hosted VoIP  phone systems to more traditional and straightforward line rental and calls packages. We also partner with the leading manufacturers and carriers as a result, you can enjoy the very best technology without compromising your budget.

Sole-Aero Cloud Based VoIP Telephone System

Placing your phone system in the cloud provides you with ultimate flexibility. Connect additional offices, satellite branches, home workers and colleagues on the road. Calls can be taken on desk phones, PC phones and/or mobile phones in any combination.

Reduce Cost and Risk

For the small business Sole-Aero’s Hosted Telephony is ideal: there is no equipment to manage, no connections to maintain and system administration is made easy through the  web portal.

Pay As you Use

You have the ultimate flexibility to add and remove users and the ability to deliver services to any location, and have the ability to change where services are delivered as often as needed

Apps for your Mobile

The Sole-Aero Mobile VoIP App turns the user’s smartphone into a softphone, leveraging WiFi to both take and make calls through the cloud, and  providing the mobile user with all of the features they have on their desk phone including access to corporate directories, call transfer and multi-party conferences.

A State of Art Solution

With Sole-Aero managing your system you can rest assured that it will be kept up to date with the latest features and developments. With your telephone numbers hosted in the cloud you can move premises or change your working methods without hindrance or worry.


Managing Director – Abbas Nurbhai – 40 years Telecommunications experience of designing and developing and selling innovative Broadband network and Office Business Telephone systems including VoIp and PBX’s

  • Educated with BSc ( Hons) in Electrical  and electronics engineering
  • Held senior positions in Blue Chip companies like Fujitsu, Alcatel, Cable and Wireless, Northern Telecom, Westell and Northern Telecom
  • Account and sales Director Fujitsu: Responsible for the British Telecom and AOL account
  • Engineering Director Fujitsu  , responsible for the development of the most cost reduced Digital Subscriber Line access Multiplexor with ADSL/VDSL. The product was installed in the British Telecom network with 20 million lines and was a key player in the development of Broadband Britain.
  • Product Engineering Manager Alcatel
  • Engineering Manager National Telecom – Developed the London range of PABX’s.
  • Sole-Aero’s Hosted Telephony Solutions

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Our mission

Our aim is deliver long term commercial benefits by improving your business productivity & efficiency as well as reducing your overall communication costs.

Cloud Based

Soleaero provides cloud computing based business phone systems designed for today's mobile and distributed business world. The SoleTel platform eliminates the need for expensive and technically complex on-premise legacy phone systems. By combining a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice functionality, SoleTel simplifies business communication for modern, flexible business environments.

Unified Communications

With the deployment of our Unified Communications (UC) solutions, Soleaero helps businesses to focus on content rather than management of communication channels by bringing together every type of device and medium to allow users to truly connect.


Soleaero UC offer helps make workers more efficient and productive whether they are at their office desks, mobile, working remotely or telecommuting from home, since they have access to all their communications applications via a familiar interface wherever they are and on whichever device is best suited to their current environment. Workers can more easily initiate contact with customers as well as with subject matter experts within their own organisation, reducing down time and increasing productive time.


With Soleaero UC, employees can have a single number – so customers no longer need to juggle multiple reach numbers and try to guess which one to use. In addition, since company representatives can be contacted in an integrated fashion via multiple modes – phone, email, instant messenger, etc. – customers can reach them even more easily to place orders or solve issues. The UC solution can improve your company's responsiveness and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Working with you

Soleaero will work with you to help derive the many business benefits this offers to your internal organisation and to your customers.