Sole-Aero’s i-2-i Vidyo Desktop enables
organisations to transform conference calls
through the power of video without the
need to invest in expensive equipment.
At Sole-Aero we have invested in creating a virtual
video conferencing capability in our cloud and
provide this to our customers as a pay-as-you-go
service. There is no need for expensive meeting
room equipment, complex video bridges or changes
to your network. You simply connect to a meeting
using your desktop, tablet or smartphone device.
This allows organisations of any size to gain the
benefits of video conferencing, as affordable and
easy as traditional voice conferencing. What is
more, the capability is available to your
employees, customers and partners regardless of
where they are, what device they are using or
whether they are connected through a LAN, WLAN
or the mobile 3G/4G network.
More Effective Meetings – turning a voice
conference into a face-to-face discussion with the
ability to share presentations, documents and
Reduced Travel Costs – it is highly likely that you
will generate a return on investment from your very
first meeting by eliminating the expense associated
with travelling to an in-person meeting.
Improve Productivity – by reducing the number
of hours, days and weeks your employees spend
travelling to meetings which can be held, as
productively, over video.
Strengthen Relationships – by enabling your
organisations to have more regular face-to-face
meetings with remote employees, customers and
partners turning calls into true collaboration and
interactions into trusted relationships.
i-2-i Vidyo Desktop
organisations of
any size to benefit
from face-to-face
Once your organisation subscribes to i-2-i Vidyo Desktop, you gain access to virtual video
meeting rooms hosted in our cloud, on-demand.
i-2-i provides you with a high-definition, reliable and secure video conferencing capability
without the capital investment that delivers:
Easy Meeting Set-up
Video meetings can be established now or scheduled in advance through
a simple click of the mouse with invitations and links to your private video
meeting room sent by email.
Desktop Client
i-2-i client supports Windows, Mac and Linux PC environments, effectively
turning your desktop into a high-performance video conferencing end-point.
Due to advanced compression, the desktop client delivers high performance
over both wired and wireless connectivity.
Tablet & Smartphone Client
i-2-i users are able to download a free App for Android and iOS providing them
with all of the power and capability of video conferencing on their smartphone
or tablets. Users are able to connect using either Wi-Fi or the mobile 3G/4G
network and actively participate in video meetings.
Full Meeting Controls
As the organiser of the meeting you have full control of your video conference
with the ability to view a list of participants, chat with individuals or all
participants, mute and unmute, turn your camera on and off, and open and
lock the virtual meeting room.
Presentation & Document Sharing
Providing the ability to nominate presenters and allow them to share within
screen their presentation, documents or applications on their client.
Anywhere/Anyhow Access
With no proprietary hardware or premise based bridges, access to i-2-i has no
boundaries. Any individual and authorised participant can join the conference
using their PC, tablet or smartphone either utilising a wired or wireless
connection or leveraging the 3G/4G mobile network.
Microsoft Integration
i-2-i Vidyo Desktop comes complete with a Microsoft Outlook plug-in enabling
you to simply schedule a meeting using your Outlook Calendar and with a single
click include the i-2-i Vidyo Desktop Conference Room within your invite.

Sole-Aero i-2-i Vidyo Desktop Datasheet


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