Mid Size Enterprises

Why Sole-Aero solution for Mid-size Enterprises?

Most mid-sized enterprises are able to reduce on-going communication costs while at the same time utilise modern business telephony that is closely aligned to their business.

With no upfront capital expenditure required migrating to SoleTel  hosted-telephony is easy, you select the functionality required for each user, and only pay for what you use, and in most cases we are able to significantly reduce call charges.

As standard Sole-Aero provides you with a feature rich business telephony solution that includes voicemail, call forwarding, call history, follow-me, and speed dialling.

You also gain access to a wide range of additional capabilities that are already installed and can be instantly enabled when required including call centre applications, conferencing, call recording, auto-attendant and mobile integration.

For the mid-sized enterprise, cloud-telephony from  provides a single communication platform across every employee.

It doesn’t matter which office they work in, whether they work at home or whether they are predominantly on the road.

Our monthly contracts and billing enables you to flex up and down as your business changes and to utilise additional functionality as and when your business needs it – ultimate business flexibility, ultimate agility.

With hosted telephony from Sole-Aero  you gain the peace of mind that you are leveraging a carrier grade solution with 99.999% up time.

We have invested heavily in creating a highly-scalable, secure and reliable platform; the likes of which cannot be created on-premise.

Resilient, flexible and scalable; hosted telephony solutions from Inclarity provide vital business continuity and quality of service to organisations of all sizes.

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