Multi site Companies

Why Sole-Aero Solutions for Multi- site companies?

By consolidating multiple lines and multiple phone systems onto a single cloud-based telephony service, organisations with branch networks are able to significantly reduce recurring communication costs.

Users can also eradicate charges between sites  and between sites  and head office as calls are effectively on-network.

Furthermore, as their is no up-front capital investment with hosted telephony, these savings can be made immediately.

By moving to a single company-wide hosted telephony solution from Sole-Aero, it is possible to provide head-office telephony capability to every branch and every employee.

You are able to define which calls are routed to which location and create rules on how calls are overflowed between branches.

With Sole-Aero  hosted telephony, you are able to put the customer first and provide a truly differentiated level of service.

Sole-Aero for the branch network provides far greater flexibility for you to work the way you want to work.

A single solution across all locations enables you to gain economies by centralising shared services, while ensuring that your branches remain connected to the customer.
It also provides ultimate flexibility to add locations, close locations and redistribute users as your business needs change.

Multiple phone systems and multiple lines is a significant management overhead with dedicated resources required to ensure that all locations remain connected.

With Sole-Aero  hosted telephony, this risk is removed and so too is the management overhead.
There is one system, managed by us and controlled by you, with the peace of mind of a fully-resilient and highly-available platform.

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